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The terms and conditions listed on this page are applicable to the website and any ordering and transactions that you will make by buying products from Jmarshub.com.

You should carefully read the Terms and Conditions to fully understand them before confirming your order. The Terms and Conditions listed here are essential information about the product orders, processing, and delivery of the products.

  • In these Terms and Conditions, the use of “Your” or “You” indicates the person who accepts the Terms and Conditions. Similarly, “We,” “Our,” “Website,” and “Us” means the Jmarshub.
  • By browsing the Website, You agree to the Terms and Conditions that include a legal agreement between Us and You for the delivery of the products.
  • The Agreement is valid and legally-binding. It cannot be varied unless we do it in writing or e-mail.
  • If some of the pages of the Website contain links to other websites, they are provided only to facilitate You. They may not be regularly maintained, so We cannot be held responsible for their content and privacy settings of linked web sites.
  • You must be careful by Yourself while browsing the Website to ensure you are safely accessing the Website and Your device is not vulnerable to viruses, malware, or other such malicious content that can harm your computer system or smart device. We do not take responsibility for any such potential harm occurring to your device due to the use of the Website.

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