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Nowadays, mobile phones are one of the important things people want to acquire. Through it, life gets more exciting. With your mobile phone, you can take marvelous photos, shop online, pay online, be updated with the news, and even get to know your friends and family’s moments. In today’s world, the mobile phone is not just considered as people’s wants. It is now a part of a man’s needs.

If you want the most updated iPhone, the price is considerably high. Thus, it is an essential need to take care of your mobile phones and ensure that your device is safe from possible damages in your busy daily life routine. No matter how hard you try to take care of your device, there’s always an incident that might occur when you least expect it. And, if it happens, you should be prepared.

What can we do to protect our mobile phones?

There’s actually a lot of ways on how to keep our them safe from unforeseen accidents. One of those is getting your mobile phones the best screen protectors. Some might say that they don’t need one. However, screen protectors give extra life to your mobile phones. Choosing a screen protector may seem simple, but in fact, there are various types and application methods of screen protectors that may be confusing to you. Now, you will know the most basic types of screen protectors that you can utilize to protect your mobile phones.

What are Screen Protectors?

Screen protectors cover the outer screen of your mobile phone. It is a sheet that could either be plastic or glass that protects the display screen of your device. It protects your mobile phones from physical damages such as scratches, punches, or even if you accidentally drop your phone.

  1. Plastic Screen Protectors

This is a thin sheet of plastic that covers the outer layer of your phone screen to protect it from light scratches. It offers considerable protection, but not much against a strong impact. The installation of this screen protector can also be tricky, so it should be carefully applied to minimize bubbles and make it look more presentable. This kind of screen protector provides a smooth and soft touch.

2. Tempered Glass Protectors

Tempered glass is a thicker and stronger protector. If we are to compare this to plastic screen protectors, this one is stronger and offers more protection against scratches caused by coins or keys in your pocket. It also has more resistance to a strong impact that will prevent breaking your screen. In the market, tempered glass protectors offer the most protection for your mobile phones. High quality tempered screen protectors, like shock-absorbent silicon, would be multi-layered. It has a much simpler, anti-reflective, and glare-reducing display. The best tempered screen protectors have a hardness level of 8H to 9H, meaning they are tough enough to withstand scratches. 

They also safeguard your screen against drops and bumps. That means that if your phone falls, there’s a higher chance that your screen would be left undamaged. Also, one more thing to note is to verify if your phone case fits with your screen protector as it may cause it to lift off on the edges. Therefore, you should take extra care to avoid bubbles when adding the tempered glass protector on your phone screen. The glass gives greater access to the mobile phone. This feature makes it more user-friendly (easy finger gliding and scrolling) and provides more brightness than plastic protectors.

How to Choose the Best Screen Protector?

Now, you might be thinking about what you should choose. The most important thing is to look for the one that fits your phone model. For each mobile phone model, screen protectors are made to match precisely. This implies not only the size of the screen but also cutouts such as your phone’s hole for the front camera, fingerprint, and the like. 

What do we offer?

Jmarshub is distinguished for providing quality screen protectors to Samsung and iPhone users. We have the best screen protector in the market. Here is one of the products you might love to have for your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Full Coverage

This screen protector is made from quality Japanese Asahi Glass with side glue to prevent the edges from lifting off. It also has 9H hardness to protect your mobile phone from impacts and scratches. It offers 3D and curved edge protection to Samsung S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra. This tempered glass screen protector’s design gives you 99% HD transparency. This provides maximum clarity with high-sensitivity for a real soft touch. If you are looking for an investment to protect your mobile phone in the long run, Jmarshub has lots of quality screen protectors in store for you.

Everyone knows how it feels to see the cracked screen of your expensive mobile phone. You have to make sure to protect that investment when you spend half of your fortune on it. Phone screens are costly to replace. Sometimes, if you get your phone screen broken, it would be better to just replace your phone itself than replacing your screen. So, make a wise choice now. 

Choose the best screen protector for your mobile phone. Jmarshub is here to give you the best screen protectors that undergoes inspection to ensure a hundred percent quality and are certified by SGS, REACH, RoHS, TUV, and MSDS. 

Jmarshub’s goal is to provide customers the best products in the market. We adhere to the quality standards set and make sure that we offer you the best. Whether you want a screen protector or phone cases, our online shop is ready to cater to your needs. You may shop by department and choose from a variety of products we have in store for you. 

For inquiries, you may reach us through this link We have a very reliable and friendly customer support team that is always ready to answer your queries anytime. Promos and great deals await you. Shop now!

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