5 Ways to Keep your Phone Charged During a Storm

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In our increasingly digital world, a mobile phone or other portable device is often a one-stop communication device. Phone calls, text messages, social media and even radio and television can all come from the same gadget.

And when the power goes out, these gadgets can quickly become stylish but useless bricks.

Battery charger
A backup charger for your phone or tablet can can keep you linked in longer.
“Juice packs” can be bought for $100 or less (Mophie, for one, makes them for Apple and Android devices) and many of the chargers double as protective cases for your smartphone or tablet. Alternately, battery-powered backup chargers like the Zagg Sparq can provide several full charges for your mobile devices after the usual electrical options are gone.
You can even find chargers that use solar power. So as long as you’ve got a dry spot and at least a brief break from the rain, Mother Nature can help bail you out.
And don’t forget about your car charger, assuming you have one. Your car’s battery will be solid long after your phone’s isn’t.

Laptop as back-up generator
This one seems obvious … once you’ve thought about it. But it’s the sort of thing that can slip your mind when there’s a lot of other preparation to be done.
While there’s time, fully charge your laptop (or, best case, laptops).
Then don’t use it. When other power sources go out, you can plug your phone or tablet into the laptop, via the USB port, for the extra juice.

CNN also suggests:

  • Stop running apps
  • Use free apps that promise to extend your device’s battery life
  • Use a battery-life app
  • Get a “power inverter” (you can typically buy at a battery-supplies store).

For the full story, check out the original article here: CNN.

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